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Our Broken Arrow medical spa & weight loss center administers lip fillers to hundreds of patients a year.

Achieving the perfect pout is an art. As medical spa experts in Tulsa, BA Med Spa knows better than most that the key to added volume in the lips is more than just injecting. It’s planning and executing precise injections for our patient’s exact aesthetic goals. Get natural looking lip injections in Tulsa at the most trusted medical spa in the region.

What it treats

Thin Lips

Thin upper or lower lips are no match for lip injections. Smooth and plump your lips in one simple treatment with VOLBELLA® XC.

Vertical Lip Lines

Perioral lines, or “lipstick lines” are easily smoothed and filled by Volbella lip injections at BA Med Spa in Tulsa.

How it Works



During your initial consultation at BA Med Spa, we’ll determine your exact aesthetic goals for lip injections and determine the number of units of lip filler necessary to achieve that goal.


Lip Injections in Tulsa

Your BA Med Spa expert will administer a lidocaine gel to reduce sensitivity, then inject the Volbella (a crystal-clear gel) directly into and around the lips using an ultra-fine needle.


Maintain the Look

Our team will recommend follow up treatments if necessary to maintain your desired pout.


After receiving lip injections in Tulsa at BA Med Spa, your lips and surrounding skin around the mouth will look plump, smooth, and amazing for months to come!

Side effects of lip injections in Tulsa may include temporary reactions at the treatment site, such as tenderness, swelling, firmness, lumps/bumps, bruising, pain, redness, discoloration, or itching.

Why try this lip injections in Tulsa?


Volbella lip injections are manufactured by Juvederm, a subsidiary of Allergan (the creator of BOTOX®). These brands are synonymous in the medical spa industry with expertise and safety and are used by hundreds of thousands of patients across the country each year.


With expert guidance from BA Med Spa, the appearance of your lip injections will be completely natural and flattering for your facial shape and silhouette.


With proper maintenance, the results of your lip injections can last up to a full year!

Frequently asked questions

How old do you have to be to get lip injections? >
Volbella is only approved to treat adults over 21 years of age for lip augmentation and for the correction of perioral lines.
Do lip injections hurt? >
Your BA Med Spa provider will provide you with pain management options, though the injection is not reported by our patients to cause significant pain due to the size of the needle we use during the treatment. Most patients opt for a lidocaine gel in anticipation of their lip injections.
How much do lip injections cost in Tulsa? >
The cost of your lip injections will depend on the amount of lip fillers you use to achieve the look you desire. We will go over all costs of lip injections and any other treatments you're interested in before your treatment begins.
What is "lip augmentation" and can I get a lip augmentation done in Tulsa? >
The word "augmentation" is just a fancy word for "addition." Lip augmentation is just another term we use in the medical spa industry to refer to any procedure that adds volume to the lips.
Are the results of lip injections permanent? >
The results of lip injections are not permanent, though they may last up to one year with proper maintenance (depending on the patient).



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