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vein treatment in Tulsa

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BA Med Spa helps clients achieve smooth, bright skin, minus the appearance of unsightly veins.

For both medical and cosmetic reasons, many patients dream of reducing the appearance of veins across their body. Imagine feeling soft, smooth skin without seeing a purple or blue vein. You’d be able to wear that sundress again, hit the beach, and anything else that requires you to expose these veins, without feeling self-conscious.

The vein treatment we provide at our medical spa in Tulsa uses specific laser technology to target unwanted or painful veins. BA Med Spa is here to help.

What it treats


If you’re suffering from leg veins, you’re not alone. This is a common complaint of new patients at BA Med Spa. We will help you devise a vein treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.

Spider Veins

BA Med Spa’s spider vein treatment can specifically target medically unnecessary veins in the upper layers of the skin, without damage to the surrounding areas.

Benign Vascular Legions

Our laser is designed to treat vascular legions up to 4.5 mm deep and up to 4mm in diameter. This vein treatment in Tulsa is done safely and effectively at BA Med Spa.

How it Works



We will met with you to determine your exact goals and which areas of the body you would like to address your veins.


Vein Treatment in Tulsa

The laser will safely and effectively run over the skin in the treatment area and target the unwanted veins using a laser pulsing technology.


Maintain Your Results

Depending on the depth, severity, and number of veins you wish to get rid of, we may recommend multiple treatments to fully achieve your aesthetic goals.


Side effects of laser vein removal may include a burning or prickling feeling, temporary skin color changes, or skin burns. If you are not in the hands of an experienced professional, you may also risk small or large blood clotting in the vein or nerve damage.

Why try vein treatment in Tulsa?


Aesthetic treatments of leg veins have been popular for years. BA Med Spa’s expert providers offer a safe place for Tulsa and surrounding regions to go for vein treatment.


Our powerful, innovative laser technology used during our vein treatments can be used on all skin types and on a variety of types of veins to achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Why do some veins develop during pregnancy? >
It's entirely possible for a woman to develop spider veins while pregnant. This can be caused by pressure to larger veins in the groin area, as well as fluctuations in hormone levels, weight gain, increase of fluid, and more. Additionally, when a baby adds pressure to larger veins in the stomach and groin, legs and feet may struggle to support this change to the body.
Is there downtime after a laser vein procedure? >
After laser vein treatment in Tulsa at BA Med Spa, you should be able to return to work the next day with little downtime.
Does insurance cover my vein treatment in Tulsa? >
This may depend on your insurance policy and your physical signs and symptoms. As this is an aesthetic procedure, there is no guarantee that your vein treatment will be covered.
Are spider veins genetic? Are varicose veins genetic? >
Unfortunately, if your mom or dad experience these issues, you yourself are at a risk of seeing some kind of unsightly vein appearances in your lifetime. Other factors may include pregnancy, being overweight, prolonged standing or sitting on a daily basis, hormones, age, blood clots, and more.



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