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vaginal rejuvenation in Tulsa

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BA Med Spa offers minimally invasive, non-surgical FemTouch to encourage healthy tissues.

Women across the country are raving about the positive effects of vaginal rejuvenation. In Tulsa, BA Med Spa is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their health and wellness goals. To help treat vaginal health issues or discomfort, we use FemTouch, a minimally invasive laser treatment that helps restore lubrication, improve sexual pleasure, and decrease stress urinary incontinence.

What it Treats

Additional uses for vaginal rejuvenation could include…
Vaginal Atrophy, Irritation, Burning Sensations, Lack of Sensation, Difficulty Orgasming, Stress Urinary Incontinence, Recurring Urinary Tract Infections, & Genital or Vulvar Diseases


By using a non-hormonal, fractional resurfacing technique, FemTouch is able to achieve a welcomed increase in lubrication for patients experiencing vaginal dryness.


By resurfacing the lining of the vaginal wall, FemTouch achieves vaginal rejuvenation and can significantly reduce the occurrence of stress urinary incontinence.


One of the most common effects of aging on the vagina is looseness. FemTouch can help stimulate collagen and tighten the vagina, which can also stimulate increased sensation.

How it Works



Our team will review all of your concerns to ensure vaginal rejuvenation in Tulsa is the right treatment for your needs.


Vaginal Rejuvenation in Tulsa

Our experts will apply the laser to the inside and outside of the vagina, which uses CO2 technology to deliver gentle, controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining.


Repeated Treatments

Most women see the best results after two to four treatments within a shorter period of time, then once yearly maintenance treatments.


Patients report feeling significant improvement to their sex lives after vaginal rejuvenation. This may be a result of the effects of the FemTouch laser in Tulsa, which can relieve vaginal dryness and looseness by stimulating collagen in and around the vagina.

Side effects of the FemTouch may include a mild heat sensation which should not last longer than a few hours.

Why try vaginal rejuvenation in Tulsa?


FemTouch is a simple and comfortable out-patient procedure that takes just a few minutes.


After just two to four treatments, the majority of our patients report positive results of their vaginal rejuvenation treatment using the FemTouch laser.


There is no anesthesia or post-procedure care required for vaginal rejuvenation.

Frequently asked questions

Is FemTouch painful? >
FemTouch treatments are comfortable and do not require any numbing or anesthesia. Occasionally, a patient may report a mild heat sensation after their vaginal rejuvenation treatment. However, this is normal and subsides within a few hours.
How much does vaginal rejuvenation cost? >
Depending on the duration and number of treatments, the cost of your vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Tulsa may vary. Our providers will inform you of all of the costs associated with the procedure before your treatment.



Am I a Candidate?

Use our free online Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether vaginal rejuvenation using FemTouch is your ideal treatment.

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