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As we age, tattoos that may have once brought a patient joy may now cause him or her to feel self-conscious. The appearance of tattoos can also change based on aging (wrinkles or sagging) or increase or decrease in weight.

While simply hiding the tattoo is one option, this isn’t ideal for summer months when sunbathing and other activities may inhibit the tattoos from staying completely hidden away. Luckily, the technology for tattoo removal in Tulsa has significantly advanced in recent years. Now, the tattoo removal process that once took years now can be accomplished in significantly less time—and with less pain.

What it Treats

Unwanted Tattoo Ink

Tattoo removal by BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center can easily clear away unwanted ink, including hard-to-target colors like yellow, blue, and green.

How it Works



Your provider will discuss with you the best treatment plan for your exact needs for tattoo removal in Tulsa. We will also explain how the laser works to break up ink particles.


Initial Treatment

You will receive protective eye shields. Then, we will pass the laser over the skin that will be absorbed by the pigment. You will notice an immediate fading effect.


Return Visits

Tattoo removal used to take years to complete even for small treatment areas. Now, technology has advanced to the point that tattoos can be removed in just X months!


After your recommended treatment regimen, you should see a significant reduction in unwanted ink. This result is permanent, as the ink from the tattoo is absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Side effects for tattoo removal may include infection, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, or scarring if not performed by an experienced professional.

Why try tattoo removal in Tulsa?


Not only is laser tattoo removal totally safe and efficient; it also requires minimal recovery time or downtime, aside from protecting the skin from UV exposure.


In just a few treatments, you will notice a stark difference in the appearance of your unwanted tattoo. In just a few more, the ink will be almost completely eliminated!


Laser tattoo removal in Tulsa can target precisely the areas of unwanted ink you would like eliminated, while surrounding tattoos remain totally intact.

Frequently asked questions

Does tattoo removal hurt? >
The laser used during tattoo removal in Tulsa at BA Med Spa should involve some level of pain. However, many of our patients report that the process was much less painful than they initially expected. 
How much does laser tattoo removal cost? >
The cost of laser tattoo removal will depend on the size of the treatment area, the depth of the ink in the skin, and the individual patient's ability to process the unwanted ink and eliminate it from the body.
How many sessions will I need? >
The number of sessions needed for tattoo removal largely depend on the size of the treatment area, the depth of the ink in the skin, and the individual patient's ability to process the unwanted ink and eliminate it from the body. It will also depend on your overall goals for the ink removal. Are you looking for total removal, or just to lighten the tattoo for a coverup or revision? During our consultation, we will go over this information in-depth with you and evaluate your tattoo to determine approximately how many sessions will be required. 
Will tattoo removal leave a scar? >
Scarring from laser tattoo removal is highly unlikely. However, many patients don't realize that in the process of getting the original tattoo, this process may have caused scarring which was at first undetectable underneath the tattoo design. Keep in mind that laser tattoo removal will eliminate this ink and therefore may reveal any previous scars.
Can I work with BA Med Spa for tattoo revision? >
We would be happy to discuss your exact goals. Because the laser tattoo removal process is so precise, we are able accommodate for removing as little or as much ink as you need to achieve the results you're looking for.



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