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Permanent Makeup in Tulsa

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BA Med Spa can cut significant time out of your morning routine with permanent micropigmentation.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Thirty minutes? Sixty? What would you do if you could reclaim that time? BA Med Spa has a solution: permanent makeup in Tulsa. Our team are highly trained professionals who have years of experience with using permanent makeup (permanent micropigmentation) to enhance men and women’s natural features. Permanent makeup can brighten the eyes, frame the face, and enhance your natural beauty—all with no effort from you!

What it treats

Additional uses for permanent makeup could include…
Allergies to traditional makeup, Difficulty applying makeup due to age, health conditions, or poor vision, Hair loss & Alopecia, Vitiligo, Facial Irregularities, Scars & burns, & Excessive sweating that makes traditional makeup run or smear

Sparse Brows

If you’re tired of filling in your brows every day with powder, gel, or pencils, permanent makeup can give you natural, full, framed brows that don’t smudge or rub off.

Undefined Lips

Lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners can dry out the skin and make your lips appear cracked. Permanent makeup in Tulsa can provide a permanent solution to bring out natural definition and tone.

Light Lash Lines

Permanent makeup is a great way to brighten the eyes and provide the face with a more polished look. Plus, it’s waterproof!

How it Works



The team at BA Med Spa will walk you through all of your options for the colors and contouring options available for permanent makeup in Tulsa.



Before the procedure begins, we will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area and ensure that all equipment and surrounding areas are sterile.


Permanent Makeup in Tulsa

Your BA Med Spa expert will apply the pigment to the top layer of the skin using a needle. This takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the size of the area.


After your permanent makeup has healed, you will look and feel refreshed as soon as you wake up in the morning. No more time spent laboring in front of the mirror. Spend that time getting a cup of coffee from your favorite Tulsa coffee shop, or by getting in that extra half hour of beauty sleep. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions to ensure your permanent makeup in Tulsa has the best chance for long-term success! We invite patients to return for a touch-up appointment 6-8 following the initial treatment.

Side effects of permanent makeup may include redness, swelling, or tenderness, as well as scabbing, for up to a week after treatment.

Why try this treatment in Tulsa?

Long Lasting

The appearance of permanent makeup, when performed by a highly trained professional, can last up to 10 years. Most applications last between 3-5 years.

Low Maintenance

Once your permanent makeup has healed, there is no maintenance required!

Time & Money

Buying lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, and other makeup can add up fast. Getting permanent makeup in Tulsa eliminates the need to constantly purchase and apply more cosmetic products.

Frequently asked questions

Is permanent makeup a tattoo? >
While the process behind adding pigment to skin is similar to tattooing, permanent makeup as a procedure is much different from tattooing. Firstly, the certification process to administer permanent makeup is not the same as the licensing process for tattooing due to the varying protocols involved. Secondly, tattooing does not necessarily take into account the contouring and framing involved in creating a natural result. Thirdly, permanent makeup pigments are formulated differently from tattoo ink, and does not get inserted as deep into the skin as a tattoo. 
Does getting permanent makeup hurt? >
BA Med Spa provides a topical anesthetic to patients receiving permanent makeup in Tulsa. This means that the only thing you should feel during the procedure is a gentle tingling sensation.
Is permanent micropigmentation safe? >
At the hands of a professional, permanent micropigmentation is very safe. The BA Med Spa team holds ourselves to the highest industry standards possible to be able to perform permanent makeup procedures in our Broken Arrow-Tulsa office. Be sure to notify us of your past medical history, including risks for allergic reactions, during your initial consultation. This will ensure that our providers are fully aware of your needs before the procedure begins.
Will I be able to change the look of my permanent makeup down the road? >
Because permanent makeup fades over time, you will be able to decide down the road whether or not to continue with the same color and shape as you previously have, or make any updates or changes as needed. However, keep in mind that the goal of permanent makeup is to provide as natural of a look as possible.
When will I need to get my permanent makeup redone? How long does permanent makeup last? >
Permanent makeup gradually fades over time, but can last up to 10 years depending on the patient and his or her lifestyle. We encourage touch-ups every 6-24 months depending on the lightness of the pigment's shade (blonde, taupe, mid-tone brown, dark brown, very dark brown, and black).
How do I know what color of permanent makeup to get? >
Our permanent makeup professionals aren't just highly trained in the procedure; we also have extensive experience with matching the natural shades and undertones of a patient's skin to provide the most natural look possible.



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