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Microneedling in Tulsa

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Microneedling has seen some major press over the last few years after high profile celebrities began posting themselves receiving microneedling on social media. But don’t be fooled—microneedling is not just a fad. Our patients have seen significant long-term results from microneedling in Tulsa, with many more across the country reporting that their skin is brighter and tighter than ever before.

What it treats

Additional uses for microneedling could include…
Stretch Marks, Skin Laxity, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Rough Texture, & Enlarged Pores

Shallow Scarring

Acne and other shallow scarring are no match for microneedling, which uses the body’s own natural processes to generate smoother skin.

Hair Loss

Used in conjunction with other treatments, microneedling in Tulsa has proven wonderfully effective for treating hair loss in both men and women.


Your skin won’t even remember what “dull” means after its first microneedling treatment! You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after just one session.

How it Works



When you visit BA Med Spa for microneedling in Tulsa, we’ll first discuss your exact concerns, including which areas of the skin you would like treated.


Microneedling in Tulsa

One of our experienced aestheticians will run a skin pen (roller with tiny needles) across the surface of the treatment area. This encourages the skin to stimulate fresh collagen and tighten pores.


Recurring Treatments

We will advise you on whether you should complement microneedling with any other treatments, or if we should see you back for additional microneedling.

RF microneedling in Tulsa


After receiving microneedling in Tulsa, many of our patients report that their skin feels tighter, brighter, and overall, healthier. Microneedling is specifically designed to encourage the skin to generate its own collagen, This not only effectively treats existing scarring or other problem areas, but it does so in a very natural-looking way.

There are no significant side effects associated with microneedling.

Why try microneedling in Tulsa?

Increase Collagen Production

The microneedling process is performed to encourage skin rejuvenation, your own skin cells do the work by generating new collagen, which leads to brighter, smoother skin.

Improve Topicals

After a microneedling treatment, your at-home skin care should improve significantly. Because the skin generates new collagen, your products should penetrate much easier.

Cost Effective

Microneedling in Tulsa is a simple, yet effective treatment for scarring and other texture problems. However, it’s also very affordable given how much “heavy lifting” it can do.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use microneedling for acne? >
While microneedling is a fantastic treatment for acne scarring, you should not opt for microneedling if you are experiencing any active acne. Due to the nature of the treatment, microneedling over active acne (such as blackheads or whiteheads) may actually exacerbate the breakout by spreading the bacteria across the skin to other, previously unaffected areas. It's best to wait until your breakout clears up to try microneedling in Tulsa. For active acne, try a chemical peel or facial at BA Med Spa!
Does microneedling hurt? >
Very few patients report experiencing pain during or after microneedling. This is because the needles used during the microneedling process are exceptionally small. Our team will discuss your options before your treatment if you anticipate any pain or have sensitive skin.
How much does microneedling cost? >
Microneedling costs vary depending on the treated area. However, most patients find that microneedling is very budget-friendly and cost-effective for the amount of improvement it can bring you!
Can I get microneedling anywhere on my body? >
Microneedling can be performed not only on the face, but also elsewhere on the body where you are experiencing scars or loose skin. This could include the abdomen, buttocks, love handles, inner thighs and arms, and on the back of the thighs.
Is microneedling for all skin types and colors? >
Microneedling is an effective for all skin types and colors as it is non-ablative (does not remove the epidermis to facilitate the development of new skin). Those with any active acne should wait until their breakout clears up before a microneedling treatment. 
Can I get microneedling if I use Accutane (isotretinoin)? >
In general, isotretinoin increases the risk of developing scars. As microneedling is meant to generate new skin cells, it is not recommended that you receive any microblading treatments within 6 months of the use of isotretinoin.



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