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Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa

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Save your time, money for things that matter. And best of all, never worry about razor burn again.

Hair removal is more popular than ever. As women realize the benefits of laser hair removal in Tulsa and across the country, it becomes more and more popular at BA Med Spa. The Hair Removal we perform is a medical procedure that uses a laser, or a concentrated beam of light, to remove unwanted hair.

Hair removal using a laser is usually performed in three steps to more effectively target the three cycles of hair growth. This allows us to prolong the results of the hair removal.

What it Treats

Additional uses for TREATMENT could include…
Lower Arms, Upper Arms, Underarms, Thighs, Bikini Area, & Abdomen


No more shower shaves. No more knicks or razor burn. Laser hair removal in Tulsa by BA Med Spa can eliminate the need for shaving or waxing on a daily or weekly basis! Our laser hair removal treatment in Tulsa damages the follicle at the root of your stubborn leg hair, inhibiting future growth so you have more time between shaves.

Face, Chin, & Neck

Often, our patients are self-conscious about unwanted facial hair, including on the chin and neck. Laser hair removal can easily and safely target these hairs to reduce or eliminate them altogether. This gives you peace of mind that no pesky whiskers or 5 O’clock shadow will show up unexpectedly, and it saves you from needing to bust out the razor and shaving cream!


Men and women alike are uncomfortable with back hair. Laser hair removal is especially popular in this hard-to-reach area, which otherwise must be waxed or shaved. Our expert laser hair removal technicians in Tulsa at BA Med Spa will leave your back feeling smooth and hairless without the need to contort your body to reach the hardest parts.


Patients come to BA Med Spa for laser hair removal treatment on their arms to eliminate the need for any awkward bending or shaving. Thin or thick hair, light or dark colored, forearm or underarms, our laser hair removal treatment can target whatever part of your arms you need hair removed from and leave the area feeling nice and smooth.


Unsightly hair on your abdomen is a problem that plagues men and women alike. Laser hair removal in Tulsa from BA Med Spa can take care of the hair on the sensitive parts of your skin, like your abdomen, to save you the hassle of a very careful shave.


One of the most sensitive parts to remove hair from is the bikini line. Shaving and waxing can be painful ways to knock out that annoying hair, so let the expert laser hair removal technicians at BA Med Spa zap that hair away! That way you can feel smooth and confident in your bikini line all summer long, and beyond.

How it Works



During your initial consultation for hair removal in Tulsa, your BA Med Spa provider will discuss the exact areas of concern, the cost, and post-care instructions.


Hair Removal in Tulsa

The light energy of the laser converts to heat and damages the tube-shaped hair follicles that produce hairs. By damaging the follicle at the root, the goal is to inhibit future hair growth.


Return Visits

We can perform laser hair removal using multiple rounds over a longer period of time to maintain results and keep your skin smooth and hair free. Typically, our laser hair removal treatments are done in three steps to more effectively target the three cycles of hair growth. This lets us prolong the hair removal results.


After your hair removal procedures, the hair will be inhibited from growing any further. The hairs will eventually fall out and will not grow back. For more permanent results, continued maintenance treatments are recommended over time.

Side effects of laser hair removal are minimal and rare, but may include skin irritation or temporary pigment changes. It may also include blistering or crusting, scarring, or other changes in skin texture.

Why try Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa?


Hair removal using a laser is extremely safe. This treatment has been popular and widely used for years for the elimination of coarse hair.


Using laser technology for hair removal is extremely precise. Our device can target multiple hairs in just a single second!


We can use laser hair removal on virtually any part of the body to reduce or eliminated unwanted hair.

Frequently asked questions

Is laser hair removal permanent? >
While laser hair removal is not FDA-approved for the "permanent" removal of hair, many patients report that they no longer feel the need to shave after consecutive hair removal treatments in Tulsa at BA Med Spa.
Does laser hair removal hurt? >
Many of our patients report little to no pain during laser hair removal. If you are prone to pain or have sensitive skin, we can use ice to numb the area beforehand. Additionally, treatments get progressively less painful as treatments continue and hair becomes finer. 
How many laser hair removal sessions do I need? >
The number of sessions needed for hair removal will vary depending on the coarseness of your unwanted hair, your skin color, and your desired results. Typically, patients undergo a series of anywhere from three to eight treatments. Depending on the size of the treatment area, we will schedule your hair removal sessions around six weeks apart.
Can I go to the gym or on vacation after laser hair removal? >
Most of our Tulsa patients choose to get laser hair removal in the wintertime, as it is not recommended to go to the gym, visit a sauna, go on vacation where you will experience a lot of sunshine, or even to take a hot shower, after your laser hair removal session. Warm environments may increase the risk of bacteria growing where your hair follicles once existed. You may also run the risk of a very painful sunburn if you are out in the sun after a hair removal session.
I heard laser hair removal can help with ingrown hairs. Is that true? >
Absolutely! Some of our hair removal patients in Tulsa are surprised to hear that, aside from smoother skin and hair reduction, laser hair removal can also help reduce the number of ingrown hairs you experience and the consequential irritation of the skin.
Can I tweeze, or wax before my hair removal appointment? >
We highly recommend that you do not. More invasive hair removal techniques like plucking or waxing will actually remove the hair and make it harder for the laser to target the follicle. We do ask that patients shave the treatment area beforehand to help target as much of the root of the hair as possible.
What should I do after receiving laser hair removal treatment? >
The best thing our laser hair removal patients in Tulsa can do after treatment is avoid sun and UV exposure on the treated area. This minimizes any darkening of your skin, also known as hyperpigmentation. Patients should also avoid heat treatments, such as spas, steam rooms, or saunas. If any blistering should occur, avoid puncturing the skin. Apply ointment as needed until healed and use Tylenol to relieve post-treatment discomfort. Also avoid using any self-tanners or additional laser or chemical procedures while your skin continues to heal. Should any side effects occur, call BA Med Spa for further instruction or additional treatment.
Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal? >
The best candidates for laser hair removal in Tulsa at BA Med Spa are patients with dark hair and light skin. That complexion allows the laser to focus its light on the pigment within the hair without the pigment in skin competing for it. There are specific lasers for patients with darker skin, however. Patients with lighter hair are eligible for laser hair removal as well, their results just might not be as pronounced as those with darker hair. It’s also important to not have any infections, skin rashes, open wounds, or tans when receiving laser hair removal treatment.



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