Ditch debris with a truly deep clean.

Best Facial in Tulsa

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An all-around corrective and comfortable experience with the best facial in tulsa

Using a patented 3-in-1 system, DiamondGlow utilizes its diamond tip to clean and suction pollutants from deep within your pores. Then, using condition-specific serums, DiamondGlow offers a transformative infusion of the natural nutrients your skin needs to thrive. This means each treatment at BA Med Spa is providing lasting, restorative support and leaving you with a brilliant, healthy glow.

What it treats

Additional uses for DiamondGlow could include…
Discoloration, Scarring, Dullness, Premature age signs, Hyperpigmentation, & Skin dehydration

Fine Lines, Acne, & Blemishes

You can kiss fine lines, acne, blackheads, and blemishes goodbye after a personalized treatment with the best facial in Tulsa.

Dirt & Oil

With dual cleansing and exfoliating action, DiamondGlow provides a one-two punch to debris and buildup on your skin. There’s nothing better for purging unwanted grit or grime building up in your pores!

Dryness & Texture

DiamondGlow’s infusion technology makes your facial not only fabulous for cleaning your skin but also for restoring necessary nutrients and hydration to the outer layers of your dermis.

How it works



When you visit BA Med Spa for the first time, we’ll go through an in-depth analysis of your skin care needs. We will discuss your skin concerns, goals, and sensitivities to find the best possible treatment plan for you.



Your BA Med Spa provider will start by ensuring your complete comfort and place you in a clean, comfortable treatment room. No stale, clinical environments—just relaxation in our office. After that, we will do a light cleansing of the treatment area to ensure your DiamondGlow treatment offers maximum results.


Best Facial in Tulsa

Then you can relax as we get to work! The procedure will last approximately 30 minutes and provide a deep clean of your face (or body) using our handheld DiamondGlow device. Your specific infusion and the exact time will vary based on the individual.



We will provide you with specific instructions on how to best maintain the results of your DiamondGlow to leave you glowing longer.


After receiving the best facial in Tulsa, your skin will feel clean, hydrated, silky smooth, and positively radiant. Most patients notice brighter, more rejuvenated skin after their first treatment.

DiamondGlow with BA Med Spa has zero side effects (and even less recovery time)! So that means you can jump right back into your daily routine with no fuss.

Why try this treatment in Tulsa?

Immediate Results

Patients will experience noticeably brighter and refreshed skin immediately following their first treatment!

Glowing, Rejuvenated skin

Our 3-in-1 process of exfoliation, extraction, and infusion allows patients to revitalize their skin and reverse the signs of aging and skin damage. That’s right, we’re talking real results with cleaner, clearer skin every time.

Sensitive-Skin Friendly

DiamondGlow with BA Med Spa is a non-invasive treatment free of chemicals. Patients get the benefit of a highly effective skin resurfacing treatment with virtually no downtime or discomfort!

Frequently asked questions

Which is better for my skin, DiamondGlow or Hydrafacial? >
Which is better for your skin between DiamondGlow or Hydrafacial? The reality is that it's going to slightly vary on a patient-by-patient basis.

The main difference between the two treatments is that DiamondGlow is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that goes deeper than just exfoliating the skin's surface. We're talking deep-tissue cleansing and infusion. This means, when compared to Hydrafacial treatments, our patients get better, more visible results for longer. That's why we believe DiamondGlow is the single best facial in Tulsa.

But if you're not still not entirely sure DiamondGlow is right for you, we'll happy to cover the treatment in more depth during your consultation! Your aesthetician will go over, step by step, how DiamondGlow will help you achieve the results you want.
Are DiamondGlow facials painful? >
No, DiamondGlow facials are not painful. Some patients do report very minor discomfort during the treatment but not pain. In fact, most patients rave about how relaxing and comfortable the experience is. Some even fall asleep!
How long does a DiamondGlow treatment last? >
At BA Med Spa, the best facial lasts in Tulsa will last anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on the patient's exact treatment needs.
Is there any downtime after receiving a DiamondGlow treatment? >
Nope! There is no downtime needed after a DiamondGlow facial with BA Med Spa!
How often can I get the best facial in Tulsa? Is there an ideal routine for DiamondGlow? >
We recommend DiamondGlow™️ maintenance treatments once or twice a month for the best results. However, we customize each treatment plan. This means that we will work with you to determine a frequency that will be most beneficial for your individual skin type and needs.



Am I a Candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether DiamondGlow is your ideal treatment.

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