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Permanent Makeup FAQ

Q. Is this procedure painful?

A. Topical anesthetic creams/liquids are used to minimize discomfort.

Q. Do I have a choice of colors?

A. Definitely! There’s a wide spectrum if colors that you may choose from.

Q. Do I have a choice in the placement of pigments?

A. Of course. You will be fully aware during the procedure, instructing the technician where you wish the implants to be located.

Q. What is involved in recovery?

A. There will be slight swelling and redness in the skin, which will subside quickly. You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Complete healing takes one to six weeks while the pigmentation matures and reaches its final color.


Q. What is HCG?

A. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone is a substance, which occurs naturally in pregnant women and has the effect of releasing abnormal stored fat.

Q. How does this reducing method work?

A. It works with a combination of a daily injection of the HCG hormone plus an exact diet.

Q. Is it harmful in any way?

A. No. During pregnancy it is produced daily in a quantity a few hundred thousand times the amount used for the treatment of obesity, yet it harms neither the mother nor the child.

Q. Can it be used by both men and women?

A. Yes. It has been used successfully in both men and women.

Q. How does HCG and the diet work?

A. During pregnancy, HCG is believed to help ensure that the fetus will have access to its mother’s stored fat supply, regardless of the amount of food that she eats. In overweight people, HCG seems to work by the same method—making permanently stored supplies of fat available, helping the patient adhere to the diet.

Q. Will HCG work without the diet?

A. Although there is no dramatic weight loss without the accompanying diet, HCG usually causes a reduction in inches rather than pounds.

Q. Will it affect my appearance? Will I get wrinkles or stretch marks if I lose a substantial amount of weight?

A. No, not with this method. Abnormal fat deposits should disappear. Double chins, pot bellies, and fat around the thighs should be the first to go. The treatment does not deplete the subcutaneous or other essential fat. The face retains its freshness and natural appearance.

Q. Has this method been used before?

A. Yes. HCG had been used in thousands of cases before it was first reported in the Medical Journal Lancet in November 1954. Since that time, it has been used in many more.

Q. How do we know that the combination of HCG injections and the diet are more effective than just the diet alone?

A. In a test case, weak saline solution was substituted for the HCG, unknown to the patient. Weight loss continued for about three days and then the patients complained of feeling weak or dizzy, became ravenously hungry, and declared themselves unable to continue the treatment. As soon as treatment on HCG was resumed, they again felt satisfied with their diets.

Q. What effects can I expect from the injection itself?

A. Usually, a loss of appetite occurs and patients notice that the severe compulsive hunger disappears completely.

Injectables FAQ

Q. How do I know which injectable is right for me?

A. The choice of injectable agent is critical to the successful treatment of wrinkles, folds, and facial depressions. An individual consultation with one of our certified medical profesionals will give you an accurate assessment of what will be best suited for your face. Often, a combination of agents (i.e. BOTOX®, Restylane®, Radiesse®) may be used to achieve optimal results in different portions of your face.

Q. How long do injectables last?

A. Longevity of BOTOX® and Facial Fillers can vary from person to person. However, in general, BOTOX® lasts 3 to 5 months, Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel last 9 to 12 months in facial folds, JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel lasts 9 to 12 months in the lips and Radiesse® lasts up to 15 months in the folds. These ranges are on the conservative side, and are often underestimates.

Q. Is BOTOX® safe?

A. BOTOX® has an excellent safety record and has one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of any cosmetic procedure.

Q. Do injectables hurt?

A. Any injection will cause mild pain. However, we use a variety of measures to minimize this discomfort. Ice, topical anesthetic creams, and/or nerve blocks with lidocaine are all techniques used to reduce pain, bruising, and swelling.

Q. Will I bruise?

A. This varies from person to person. In general, BOTOX® rarely causes bruising. However, facial fillers, especially near the corners of the mouth, often result in mild bruising. Avoidance of blood thinners can help reduce bruising, as long as you are cleared to stop these by your medical doctor. Make-up can be applied the same day for camouflage, if necessary.

Q. Can BOTOX® or Facial Injectable Fillers be performed on the same day as my consultation?

A. Yes, absolutely. When you call to set up your consultation with us simply let us know that you would like injectables that day.

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