How Does EMSCULPT® Work, and Can It Really Sculpt Your Body?

By: Our Team


Attaining the body you want often involves a long journey of discipline, regular physical activity, and consistent dietary choices — which is why it can be so frustrating to put in the work and still be stuck with pockets of stubborn fat spoiling your look. At BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center, our team is excited to offer a selection of nonsurgical body contouring options for Broken Arrow, OK patients who need a bit of extra help achieving their dream physique, including advanced body sculpting powered by the EMSCULPT platform. Read on to learn how this innovative treatment can help you reach your goals with minimal disruption to your routine.

How does EMSCULPT work?

EMSCULPT leverages high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to provoke powerful muscle contractions. A single 30-minute EMSCULPT session at our Broken Arrow, OK med spa can involve as many as 20,000 muscle contractions, all without the need for you to even leave your chair. This process not only builds muscle mass but also aids in fat reduction by boosting metabolic rates in the treated regions. The appeal lies in its ability to target specific areas for muscle enhancement and fat loss, providing a nonsurgical alternative for body sculpting.

How long does it take to see results with EMSCULPT?

Many patients notice a visible improvement in their physique within a week or two of their first EMSCULPT session. For the best possible results, we typically recommend 4 – 8 treatment sessions (each one spaced a few days apart). The most significant improvements should start becoming noticeable after roughly six weeks as your body naturally removes fat cells and your muscles begin to build.

Is EMSCULPT right for me?

Every EMSCULPT treatment program at BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center starts with a thorough review of your health and aesthetic goals. During your consultation, we'll go over what you can expect and help you determine if body contouring with EMSCULPT is right for you. Ideal candidates for nonsurgical body sculpting typically:

  • Are looking for noninvasive options for improving muscle definition and reducing unwanted fat
  • Maintain a relatively close weight to their target but face challenges with specific areas
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle, incorporating exercise and nutrition
  • Have realistic goals about the outcomes of a noninvasive procedure
  • Need a treatment that accommodates a tight schedule and offers minimal downtime

How long will my body sculpting results last?

The impact of EMSCULPT extends beyond the immediate post-treatment period, offering lasting changes in muscle tone and fat composition. Generally, the enhancements in muscle definition and fat reduction achieved can be enjoyed for six months or longer. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to maximizing and extending your results. You can prolong your benefits with periodic maintenance sessions at our Broken Arrow, OK med spa. During your consultation, our team will put together a custom treatment plan to help you maintain your newly contoured figure.

Experience the future of body contouring at our Broken Arrow, OK med spa

If achieving a toned and defined body while boosting your confidence is your goal, BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center in Broken Arrow, OK, is here to help using the remarkable power of EMSCULPT. This innovative approach to body sculpting can be the key to unlocking the version of yourself you've always dreamed of. Contact us to arrange a consultation and discover the transformative potential of EMSCULPT for yourself.

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