Turning Back the “Hands” of Time

Written by Malissa Spacek on August 12, 2013

Hand Rejuvenation: Fighting Aging Hands

When fighting aging there are of course the more common areas that always seem to pop into our minds first; such as: the face, the neck, or the décolleté (the chest). But what about those other areas that we do not always think about while actively fighting our aging skin? You know, those areas– like the hands that we may forget at that time, until ten or even twenty years later when you look down as see your mothers’ hands on your body!

The hands are one of the most under cared for, and most exposed parts of our bodies. Through sun damage, lack of moisture, medication, and genetics, your hands take a toll throughout the years; causing age spots (hyperpigmentation), wrinkling, and other kinds of discoloration to the skin on the hands. It is for this reason we have designed a treatment plan combining two or more highly effective treatments: IPL (intense pulse light), dermal filler and a Pixel; depending on your hands particular needs.

The IPL laser is used to treat age spots and other skin discolorations and superficial vascularity.

The dermal filler injectable is administered using a cannula instead of a needle. This delivery system ensures an even distribution of dermal filler throughout the surface to “plump” the back of the hands and less bruising versus using a needle.

A Pixel is often times done following the first two procedures to stimulate collagen and thicken the skin.

The combination of these treatments results in returning “aging” hands to a more youthful appearance, with little downtime! For most people these results will last for several years, with regular maintenance every one to two years.

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