Surviving the Holidays

Written by Malissa Spacek on December 7, 2013

For most of us dieters the Holiday Season is the hardest time of the year to stay on track. The good news is, we have survived Thanksgiving! Now there is only one more month to go.

One of the hardest parts about sticking to your diet during the Holidays is that you are usually not the only one doing the cooking. This makes it extra tricky to stay on track. One, because it would not be the holidays without enjoy the yummy homemade delicious-ness that is my brothers homemade deserts display! Two, because when you are the only one, out of your Entire family, (who for most of us, we only get to see once a year anyways) not eating these homemade goodies you start feeling deprived. Feelings of diet deprivation = Cheating!! Everyone knows it only takes one good unplanned cheat to completely derail a diet. So to make sure you survive your Holiday Season, I have complied a quick list of little helpful hints that I follow every year. I hope they give you as much success as they have given me.


Surviving the Holidays – 5 Tips for Diet Success!

1. WATER!! As all of you know you should be drinking 3-5 quarts of water every day. Make sure you reach that goal every day this month. Keep 3 as your minimum, but 4 is better; and for best results try to drink 4-5 quarts every day without fail.

2. For those of you enjoying alcohol, this first tip is even more important for you. Make sure you have finished your 3-5 quarts before enjoying your first cocktail. Then in between each alcoholic beverage have a 12oz glass of water. It will help to flush the toxins found in alcohol out of your system much faster. Help to you to not become dehydrated. As well as help ensure you do not begin retaining water, since most alcohol is high in sodium.

3. Portion control– Like I said, the worst thing for your diet during the Holiday Season is feeling deprived. So go ahead and enjoy all of favorite holiday sweets. When you go over to the sweets table this year, instead of just limiting yourself to one cookie or one piece of pie, choose your favorite 3 or 4. Then only take one bite of each of the 3 to 4 different types of deserts. By the time you have done so you will have eaten about one whole cookie or 3/4 of one piece of pie, and you should be feeling full. While the variety of sweets on your tastebuds should have you feeling more than satisfied.

4. Start with a salad. Before going for all the meats, casseroles, and stuffings this year, get a regular sized plate and fill it up with lettuce and all your favorite salad toppings (minus the egg and bacon bits). Make sure to have you dressing on the side and dip your fork before going for the lettuce. Don’t like salad? Trade the salad for a big plate of fruits and veggie’s before your first “real” plate.

5. Continue to exercise regularly. Although stress levels and run high during the holidays and it feels like having any free  time to work out is a joke. Maintaing your regularly scheduled workout routine will help you to keep your weight loss goals, while helping you to de-stress during this sometimes hectic month.

From all of us at the BA Med Spa and Weight Loss Center,we wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season!

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