Even little loss, can make a BIG difference

Written by Malissa Spacek on March 22, 2013

Did you know that studies have shown that lowering your weight by just 5% is likely to produce the following health benefits: lower blood pressure, low blood cholesterol, and improved blood sugar levels! That means that for a 175 lbs. person, losing only 9 lbs. could result in having lower blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol,…

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Little Victories

Written by Malissa Spacek on March 4, 2013

All too many of us forget to celebrate the little victories of our weight loss success. It comes so easy to point out our own failures, our cheat days when we slip that small piece of birthday cake. Yet nearly impossible to stop and recognize all of our daily weight loss triumphs.   The next…

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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge 2013

Written by Malissa Spacek on February 11, 2013

Make a New Years resolution to lose weight this year that will change the rest of your life! Take part in our 90 Day Weight Loss challenge you will not only lose weight and learn the tools you need to sustain a healthy weight loss but you will also be entered in the chance to win some amazing…

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7 Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

Written by Malissa Spacek on November 24, 2012

Easy ways to kick-start your weight loss, and keep the momentum going! Park your car further away from your destination while doing your holiday shopping. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator while inside those shopping malls. Company coming?  Clean, clean, clean…you’ll feel better about both yourself and your home. Go ice skating,…

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Weight Loss Programs for Obesity Epidemic

Written by Malissa Spacek on October 17, 2012

Helping local Oklahomans stay at a healthy weight is a primary concern for Malissa Spacek of BA Weight Spa, and so it is no surprise that she recently visited the Center for Disease Control’s website for the latest outlooks and statistics on obesity in Oklahoma. The surprise was in what she found there. In fact,…

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Possible Risks associated with Diet Soda

Written by Malissa Spacek on March 6, 2012

According to a news story recently released from Reuters, a new study suggests that people who drink diet soda every day, have a heightened risk of heart attack and stroke. The study apparently followed almost 2,600 older adults for a decade and found that those who drank diet soda every day were 44 percent more…

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